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Native Maples - Click Here for Norway Maples

Armstrong Red Maple

This red variety is a rapid grower, with light gray bark and an oval, upright growth habit. Fast growing. Ideal for street & residential planting where space is limited. Leaves turn from yellow to orange/red in the Fall.

Native Red Maple

Adapts well to a variety of soils. Has bright red flower clusters in the Spring. Leaves turn rich orange to red in the Fall.

Sugar Maple

A magnificent native tree. Slow growing. Prefers well drained soils. The tree is used for tapping Maple Syrup when mature. Its' leaves turn yellow, orange and red in the Fall.

Autumn Fantasy Maple

Dark green leaves with a rounded crown. Very hardy, bright red in the fall and holding leaves well into the autumn.

Celebration Red Maple

Same as autumn fantasy but with yellow, orange and red fall colours. Great selection.

Morgan Red Maple

The head of this tree is broadly oval shaped. A vigorous grower. Leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

A very good sugar maple selection with dark green leathery leaves.

Autumn Blaze Red Maple

A hybrid cross between the Red and Silver Maple. A fast growing tree that will grow in all soil types. Its green leaves turn orange/red in the Fall. Large tree with dark green rounded head.

Click Here for Norway Maples